We have good news and bad news for drop-ins. Mostly good news.

Starting April 1st drop-ins may come to any IMPACT! class (Kickboxing Fitness, Boxing Fitness, Ninja Bootcamp), that means if you want to come in on Saturdays and Sundays, you can! Specially scheduled seminars and specialty classes like Fight Club are still for members only.

Starting April 5th, our class package rate will change from $150 for a 15-class package to $170 for a 10-class package. Note: Drop-in Fee per class remain $20.

There are a few reasons for the change. First, our class sizes will even-out if we open up all classes to all students (less crowding on drop-in days). Second, we will eliminate the confusion caused by member-only days. Third, we need to ensure the monthly rate remains more attractive after we open up the classes. Lastly, the $10 rate was always intended to be temporary – it is too low to maintain a business of this kind. You will find the new drop-in rate is the same or less than similar boxing gyms.

Why is this mostly good news? Because if you are a current drop-in you can buy multiple packages before April 5th at the current rate of $10 a class! Just Click Here to Purchase. (Note: Class packages purchased must be used within one year of purchase.)We are hoping you see the cost-effectiveness of a monthly rate but if you are determined to be a drop-in then the time to buy is NOW!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Tammy and I at

Thanks for making IMPACT! awesome.