By Popular Demand – Skills and Drills w/Erik!


We’re excited to announce a brand new INSTRUCTIONAL class starting next Tuesday and every Tuesday 730-830 PM at IMPACT!

What is muscle memory and why is it important? Why is footwork crucial and what IS proper footwork? What is the number one mistake people make when throwing a hook punch? Why do people lose their balance when doing spin kicks?

These answers and hundreds more will be shared in this ongoing class that includes light partner drills, kick shield work, and other skill-developing techniques. This class is excellent for both new members working on the basics and veterans looking to improve their game.

Note that, although every class will end with freestyle heavybag work the focus of this class is technique not fitness. The bonus is the moves you learn will “build a better ninja” and make you more effective in our workout classes!

See you at the heavy bags,

Erik Wahlberg