Women’s Self Defense Workshop – Saturday, 6/22 – 1:30PM to 4PM


Stay safe or get safe fast. Avoid dangerous situations and learn how to fight off an attacker if you can’t!

This 2.5 hour hands-on and conversational workshop will cover…

  • How to avoid an attack through common sense and observation.
  • How to dissuade potential attackers through body language.
  • How to defend yourself on your feet and on the ground.
  • How to develop the killer instinct necessary to fight back.

In addition to instruction and conversation, students will participate in drills to apply the basic movements for self defense.

THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET. A women is at a tremendous disadvantage against a larger man and assaults can be sudden and brutal. This workshop won’t turn you into a super woman. It will, however, teach you valuable skills that will increase your chances of avoidance and survival.

Erik Wahlberg is a certified black belt in Tang Soo Do and has trained in half a dozen martial arts. He has taught formal martial art classes to children and adults. He has also lead many classes in self defense over his 30-years as a martial artist. His approach to teaching is friendly, but practical. Being practical is, in Erik’s opinion, the key to an effective and valuable self defense class. Sign up online by clicking here to reserve your spot at the front desk.

Space is limited (Max 16 pp)

IMPACT! Members – $50 / Non-IMPACT! Members – $75

Wear loose clothing or workout clothes. Be sure to bring a towel and water bottle.

Contact info@impactkbf.com if there are any questions.