Living Social Deal + 4 All-New Classes!

Hi Ninjas!

IMPACT! kickboxing Fitness will be running a daily deal with Living Social starting Saturday, June 8th.   The deal allows 30 days of unlimited access for 15 dollars.The deal is intended for new visitors to IMPACT! only, so please note that if you or a friend have taken a complimentary class you are not eligible for this deal. Please share this with your friends who want to try us out. With summer approaching attendance will lighten up a bit so we don’t expect crowds.

We have 4 new classes (Agile Warrior, Skills and Drills, Muay Thai, and Double IMPACT!), two new black belts, and two fighters joining our teaching staff. Please see our schedule for class times and descriptions.

We strive to improve IMPACT! for you and listen to your feedback. The best is yet to come!

See you at the heavy bags!