New Class Starting Tonight! San Shou Fitness with Kenny Woo!

TONIGHT – Agile Warrior with Ann Flynn at 6:30pm and **New Class** San Shou Fitness with Kenny Woo at 7:30pm!  At IMPACT! we are always looking for new ways to challenge and give our Ninjas great workouts in every class!

Kenny Woo-1San Shou Fitness  is a dynamic progression of strength and conditioning exercises, technical combinations, skill drills, and bag work to give you a challenging and varied workout designed to take you out of your comfort zone, push your limits and make every second count.

About Kenny.  Years of training as a competitive fighter have instilled a work ethic and tenacity that has bled into all areas of Kenny’s life.  A life built around an all-or-nothing mentality where commitment, dedication, and hard work aren’t catchy slogans, but a way of life.  It’s this way of thinking that has allowed Kenny to achieve goals and take chances on big dreams.  His commitment to helping people achieve their own goals, develop their skill sets, and remind themselves that life is too short to put dreams on hold for “someday”, makes Kenny the perfect fit for Impact Kickboxing Fitness.