Parking this weekend – Aug 3 & 4


Our Landlord has notified us that the parking lot for 1091 Industrial Avenue which is also adjoined to the overflow parking area in front of Keane Kitchens will not be available this Saturday or Sunday for IMPACT! folks to park — the lot will be repaved.

Parking is available in front of 836 Brittan Avenue and more cars can be parked in this lot if we all park at a slant.  As noted below, cars can be parked at a slant in the middle of 836 Brittan as shown in the red rectangle.  We are not allowed to paint permanent parking lines there but it is possible to park this way.   There are also a few parking spaces on the right side of the building along the turnabout.   Another suggested overflow parking for both days would be by the Office Depot across the street from IMPACT!

Last, as a gentle reminder, do not park in the lot where Pong Planet and Aquan are located.  Questions?  Contact Tammy at