Thursday Night: Bushido Fitness and Skills & Drills

Tonight!  Bushido Fitness with Joseph at 6:30PM & Skills & Drills with Erik at 7:30PM

Bushido Fitness

Tap into your body’s natural mechanics! This class will improve your balance, agility, quickness, speed, plyometrics, strength, core and cardio. Combining this with an intense heavy bag workout you will be able to reach your next level of fitness!

Skills & Drills

You want technique?  You got it!  Skills & Drills is a workout with specific focus on proper form and techniques.   You will be sweating on the heavy bags even as you learn specific martial arts moves.

From one of our regular ninjas: “Skills & Drills class kicked my butt last night! Erik Wahlberg, you’re awesome!  Seriously, I always leave this class not only having a better sense of the proper technique, form & understanding of what each move & combo should look like, but with a gallon of my own sweat as well! great workout with super intensity & power- definitely feeling it today…if any of you haven’t checked out this class yet- you’re missing out, trust me!”