It was an amazing event, everyone! Thanks to you we not only had a great time with 4 hours of back-to-back classes, demos of our Aerial Silks class, giveaways, special sales, and picture opportunities, but we also raised over 500 dollars for UCSF Foundation for Mental Health Research in honor of our dear friend Jill David.

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Thanks first to Tammy for heading up another amazing event, my beautiful Rose Tinitigan for assisting in that effort and hosting all day, Elis Lopez and Whole Foods for their gift cards, GNC for their giveaways and sells, Rodan and Fields Dermatologists for their facial party giveaways, Kate Faherty for her very popular clothing sales at Bella Body (here at IMPACT!), Kristin and Rachel and Ann Flynn for donating their time today, Geng Giminski for dropping in to take some pics (and lending tables) , and my good friend Michael Rosati of Michael Rosati Photography who gave us an amazing deal on to-be-revealed photos, Meister MMA for their giveaways, Joseph, Victor Tao and Elis for their assistance and teaching and all of you who attended. It was an awesome day. Thank you.

Erik Wahlberg