What’s on my feet?

A number of new IMPACT! folks have asked what types of shoes are acceptable at IMPACT!   Some folks go barefoot (be careful if you do that!) and the rest wears some type of cross-training, martial arts or boxing shoes.   There are many out on the market – but if you’re not sure –  Ask around.  I was able to get some really great shoes for my feet — I have plantar fasciitis – just from asking my fellow IMPACT Kickboxing Ninjas!

Advice from our instructor, Ann Flynn:

Every sport has specific equipment & gear based on the movement patterns for that sport. Running shoes are for forward movement not lateral side to side movements. Consider getting cross training shoes or wrestling shoes that have ankle support (if you have ever had an ankle injury & need more support). You can even go bare foot on the padded gym floor.

Safety, Form, Function, & Fun are the keys to success & a stronger healthier YOU!