New Classes & New Schedule — Starts this week!

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Starting Monday, December 1st, we have a couple of new classes and a few changes in our class schedule!  Most notably, Tuesday’s KB Fitness with Kenny is moved to Wednesday at 7:30pm.  Please also note that our specialty TRX class with Joseph is at 5:30pm on Mondays & Thursdays going forward.

For a complete class schedule, click here.   Below are 2 new classes coming this week!

Focus Mitt Fitness

Develop your accuracy, technique, and endurance in this very special shadowboxing and mitt class. Led by Erik and no less than three assistants, students are led through relentless mitt drills as the team glides through the room with focus mitts catching the punches and kicks.  It’s fun, will get you fit, and will make you a better ninja!  Tuesdays 7:30pm with Erik, Elis, Janette and Victor!

Ninja Core

Keep your muscles and joints in check by giving them the maintenance they deserve. The first 30 minutes will be a killer bag workout followed by 30 minutes of stretching and core exercises where you will learn how to prevent injury and make your body stronger by strengthening your core and using foam rollers and stretches common to Pilates, Yoga, Gymnastics and Ballet.   Thursdays 6:30pm with Joseph.

See you at IMPACT KBF!

Erik and Tammy