Aerial Art Classes & Workshops – HOLIDAY SCHEDULE

The following is a list of available aerial arts classes & workshops during the Christmas/New Year Holiday.  Please note that we will need a minimum of 6 students in each class to hold the workshop.

  • Aerial Conditioning Workshop with Colleen – Purchase Now
    • Saturday 12/27 – 11:15 – 12:45pm – $20.50 M / $22.50 per class
  • Aerial Conditioning Workshop with Danny – Purchase Now
    • Mondays 12/22 & 12/29 – 5:15 – 6:45pm –  $20.50 M / $22.50 per class
  • Aerial Straps with Ari & Stacy – Purchase Now
    • Monday 12/22 & 12/29 – 8:30-10pm – $35 drop-in or 2 sessions  $58 M/$65 NM
  • Aerial Silks – 2 Hour Musicality Workshop with Janelle – Purchase Now
    • Sunday 12/28 – 11:30AM – 1:30PM – $45
  • Aerial Silks – Climbing Workshop with Janelle  – Purchase Now
    • Friday 1/2 – 5:30pm – 6:30pm – $15 M / $18
  • Stretching with Janelle – Purchase Now
    • Saturday 1/3 – 11AM – 12PM – $15 M / $18

Below are the class descriptions.

Aerial Conditioning Workshops

Aerial Conditioning Workshop will focus on building and maintaining strength during the break between skills classes. This class is ONLY for Aerial students of all levels that have had Aerial Silks experience and will include exercises both ON and OFF the silks.

Aerial Silks – Climbing Workshop with Janelle

In this workshop, we will focus on climbing efficiently, cleanly and beautifully. We will review fundamentals with an eye to simplifying your climb and gaining height per climb. We will also introduce variations on standard and russian climb, as well as begin to explore straddle climb. This workshop is ideal for students who can climb to the ceiling safely in basic or russian.

Aerial Silks – 2 Hour Musicality Workshop with Janelle
In this workshop, we will focus on dancing our aerial moves. We will explore movement associated with different kinds of music, expressing emotion through music and movement and music-based improvisation.  This workshop is ideal for students who can climb to the top, invert and wrap safely while stringing multiple poses or moves together. It is not appropriate for students who cannot invert, or who cannot string poses or movements together.
Stretching with Janelle
No matter what your exercise of choice, stretching is a vital component to keeping a healthy, comfortable body. As we use our muscles, they become shorter and tighter. When we stretch, we elongate the muscles, allowing us to keep or increase our range of motion. Stretching doesn’t have to be painful or boring! In these classes, Janelle will teach specific stretches, proper alignment and techniques for relaxing and enjoying this important activity. Especially around the holidays, we could all use a break to stretch out, open up and soften our stressed out bodies. No experience necessary. This class is not appropriate for individuals recovering from serious injury.