ENROLL NOW – Aerial Silks Classes are now OPEN for May & June!

Aerial Intro 1-Day Class – This One-Day 90 minute class is for those curious about aerial silks or interested in developing strong core and upper body with conditioning exercises on and off the silks. No experience necessary. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!

  • Saturday – 5/2 – 12PM – 1:30PM – $35 (Colleen) – Purchase Now!
Aerial Straps (Open Level) – This is a mixed-level class for developing aerial strength and body control. Our class focuses on technique and strength building by combining conditioning exercises and aerial straps skills.  Skills are taught in progression. *** May session – Only open to current students ***
  • Mondays  8:30pm to 10pm – 4 weeks from May 4 – May 25 *** Only open to current students *** (Stacy & Ariel) – Purchase Now! Note: drop-ins and the ability to select specific class dates is available for purchase.
4 sessions  $116 M/$128 NM
3 sessions  $90 M/$99 NM
2 sessions  $62 M/$66 NM
drop-ins      $35

Aerial Silks: Beginner 1 & 2  – Beginner class for those curious about aerial silks or interested in developing strong core and upper body with conditioning exercises on and off the silks. Learn basic silks conditioning, climb and descend safely, and eventually expand to further techniques, proper form, conditioning.  Students will learn poses and build confidence on the silks.  Prerequisites:  No experience necessary.

  • Sundays  May 3 – June 28  – 12pm – 1pm – 9 sessions $135M /$150 NM (Colleen) – Purchase Now!
  • Fridays May 1 to June 26 – 5:30pm – 6:30pm – 9 sessions $135M /$150 NM (Danny) – Purchase Now!
  • Saturdays May 9 – June 27 – 12:30pm – 1:30pm – 8 sessions $120 M/ $134 NM (Colleen / Connie) – Purchase Now!

Aerial Silks: Form & Function (Mixed Level) – Learn the basics of aerial silks, go from knowing a lot of moves to being able to do them beautifully, and start learning to make up your own repertoire. Each week we will concentrate on a specific class of poses, focusing on basic troubleshooting, form and technique, variations and transitions, and adding your own personal flair.  This class is for students that already have basic skills in aerial silks and have taken at minimum, 1 session of Aerial Silks Classes.   Prerequisite: Beginner 1 and Instructor Approval

  • Tuesdays May 5 to June 30 – 5:15pm – 6:45pm – 9 sessions $200M / $225 NM (Danny) – Purchase Now!

Aerial Silks – Intermediate 1  – This class focuses on more advanced climbs and aerial skills in the air. Students will work on perfecting basic drops, hip keys, inversions, and S-Wraps. Students at this level should be able to climb and descend with ease, and focus will be given to intermediate conditioning for fluidity in movement.  Prerequisite: Beginner 1 & 2 and with instructor approval.

  • Sundays – May 3 – June 28 – 1pm – 2:30pm – 9 sessions $200M /$225 NM  (Colleen)- Purchase Now!
  • Thursdays May 7 to June 25 – 5:15pm – 6:45pm – 8 sessions $180M /$200 NM (Danny) – Purchase Now!

Aerial Silks – Intermediate 2 – This class is for the intermediate student who has mastered basic skills, shows progress in endurance and strength, and can easily chain together poses and transitions fluidly. Students will work on more advanced drops and climbs and will begin working towards a long series of choreography (up to a 4 minute routine). Focus will be given to conditioning and endurance as well as musicality in movement quality.  Prerequisite: Intermediate 1 and instructor approval.

  • Sunday  May 10 – June 28 3:30pm – 5:00pm – 8 sessions $180 M/$200 NM (Janelle) – Purchase Now!
  • Tuesday May 12 to June 30  – 8:30pm – 10pm – 8 sessions $180 M/$200 NM (Sheena) – Purchase Now!