Important changes to IMPACT! Rewards Program

Hi everyone: impact-rewards Effective Immediately – We’re really excited to announce that our Rewards Program is moving over to Perkville!  (

What is Perkville? perkville-logo Simply put. Perkville is an equivalent to a frequent flier program. Perkville keeps tracks of your Perks and is integrated with the Impact! Kickboxing Fitness’ point of sale and back office systems to keep things simple for you. You now can earn points for attending class, referring a friend, or posting about us on Facebook AUTOMATICALLY! Points can be redeemed to your account for classes.

What happens to my points on FiveStars? Nothing! We will be transferring all Five Stars members at ImpactKBF over to Perkville with your points intact as of  today,  Wednesday, May 6th 2015 at 5pm. You will be receiving an invitation to join AND you get an additional 25 points just for joining!

Why are you changing systems now? Impact! KBF is always looking for the best way to give our members the best experience at our gym. Perkville is able to track the classes you’ve attended automatically – no more checking out! As long as you check in for the classes that you attend — you will receive your points.

How do I earn points now?  You must sign up with Perkville.  Once you have your account set up with the same email address that you use in our point of sale system (MindBody) – the points will be added to your account automatically!!

  • Attend Class.   Be sure to check in (as you normally do) for classes, workshops and specialty classes.
  • Social Media Posts.     Tweet or post to Facebook through Perkville.   Limit: Once a day.
  • Refer a Friend.   Perkville automates this process by sending an invitation to your friend.  Your friend purchases the referral deal and shows us the invitation — once the purchase is made — points will be added to your account — automatically!  Note:  The person referred must buy the $15 deal at IMPACT! (Groupons, Yelps, Living Social, and any other 3rd party certificates or vouchers are not valid.

As things progress, we will be adding more Perk Rewards and more ways to earn points!

What are some of the rewards that I can redeem?

  • IMPACT! Hand Wraps = 50 points
  • OPTP Foam Roller = 100 points
  • Everlast Pro Training Gloves = 150 points
  • IMPACT! Sweatshirts = 200 points
  • 1 HR Personal Training Session= 250 points

Note: Points do not expire however, only active members are eligible to redeem points for rewards.    Rewards and ways to earn points may be subject to change without notification.   

As always, we try our best to transition as seamlessly as we can, however, if there are any questions or issues, please let Tammy know —  If you have any problems signing up on Perkville, email them at