Paperdoll Militia Workshops Coming to Ascend Aerial Arts – July 25 & 26th!

On behalf of Ascend Aerial Arts, I am very excited and happy to announce that we will host 3 Workshops with PaperDoll Militia in July!

Members – $45 / Non-Members – $50

Spiral up / Drip Down – Saturday – 7/25 11:15AM – 1:15PM
A new exciting silks workshop by Paper Doll Militia focusing on sequence climbs and interesting descents that take the entire length of the silks. In this workshops you will not only learn material which lends it self to spirals and fluid curvey movement, we will also be exploring the body techniques involved in executing this style. Learn how to free up your spine, curve into the silks, and connect one movement to the next in a flowing style that will transform your relationship to the silks. PRE-REQS:  This workshop is appropriate for Intermediate 2 students or those who has mastered basic skills, shows progress in endurance and strength, and can easily chain together poses and transitions fluidly.

Split Tissu Crusade
Saturday – 7/25 1:30PM – 3:30PM (SOLD OUT)
In this workshop we will be exploring the exciting world of split tissus. All climbs, wraps drops, and sequences presented in this class will come from split tissu, but this is not your run of the mill “double crochet” material. This class is fast paced and will cover a broad range of material. Bring something to document material with. PRE-REQS:  This workshop is designed for Ascend Intermediate 1 students or those who are focused on more advanced climbs and aerial skills in the air. Students will work on perfecting basic drops, hip keys, inversions, and S-Wraps

Form and FunctionSunday – 7/26 1:30PM – 3:30PM (SOLD OUT)
It’s simple; good form equals efficiency of movement, the illusion of effortlessness, endurance and aerial longevity. In this workshop, we will approach the fundamentals of aerials with an obsessive-like attention to detail, otherwise known as “dorking out.” Using the trapeze, fabric, and rope we will be focusing on precise body awareness, foundational skill progressions, strength building techniques, and injury prevention.  Designed for all levels, this is a great workshop for newbies; also excellent for the more seasoned aerialist who has a desire to refine their quality of movement, fluidity, and develop the tools to expand their skill set more easily.​

Space is limited. Once class begins there are no refunds and no make up classes.
BIO: Paper Doll Militia are pioneers in cross-genre performance, seamlessly weaving dynamic physicality, aerial arts, and visual theatre. This unique performance company emphasizes the mixture of modern and vintage mediums to create their signature aesthetic; dreamy, whimsical, and dark. Co-Artistic Directors are Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes emphasize thoughtful character development, a full setting and context, as well as a narrative story with beginning, middle, and end. They teach workshops in aerial arts, which emphasize a careful balance between skillful precision and creative play.