Holiday Kickboxing Class Schedule THIS WEEK

Hi everyone!  Please check out our holiday kickboxing class schedule for this week!!!

12/28 – Monday

8:30am     KB Fitness with Elis

5:30pm     BoxFit & TRX with Mark

6:30pm      KB Fitness with Elis

7:30pm     KB Fitness with Elis

12/29 – Tuesday

6:30pm      Ninja Strength with Joseph

7:30pm      Focus Mitt Fitness with Elis

12/30 – Wednesday

**8:30am     KB Fitness with Elis

**5:30pm      KB Fitness with Erik

6:30pm      BoxFit & TRX with Mark

7:30pm     KB Fitness with Kenny

***12/31 – Thursday***

**5:30pm      KB Fitness with Erik

1/1 – Friday

***Special Class*** 10:30AM KB Fitness 90 with Erik

Schedules are subject to change. Click here to view the daily class calendar.