2016 Ascend Aerial Showcase – Information for Participants

2016AerialShowcaseFlyer-LandscapeThe Ascend Aerial Student showcase & Ascend Scratch Show is scheduled for Saturday 10/1.  Please mark your calendars!

Student Showcase Theme

Silver Screens (Movies!) – The routine should take your audience and you to a favorite film etc.,  NOTE: You need NOT use a song from a movie to do a routine.   We really want everyone to stretch themselves creatively by focusing on this broad theme to tell a story in your routine.  If you have any questions about the theme with regard to your routine, please check in with your instructor!\

We are nearing the mid-September timeline and that you will need to send in your MP3 FORMAT music to me by 9/15 and clicking here to upload.  Be sure to label your music with your name (Format – Name of Song – Student Name) so I know which music belongs to you.

We are in the process of securing Tzvetelina’s husband, Emil to take photos during rehearsal.   Please note that we have a black backdrop and the photos come out best if you do not wear all black in your costumes.. black fishnets are ok.. as it does outline the leg.. black unitards are probably not going to show up very well.. FYI.   I will update as I have more info on this.. but just so you know.

**IMPORTANT**RULES / GUIDELINES for who want to participate:

All those interested in performing must either be enrolled & attend the aerial classes or private lessons at Ascend during the June – October 2016 time frame.  Those students taking Connie’s drop-in classes only must be enrolled & attend a minimum of 10 classes.   Anyone who wishes to do an aerial straps act will check in with Stacy and Ari regarding participation in the showcase.

  • Participants must be enrolled in Mixed Level at minimum — check in with your instructor if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to perform.
  • Routines must be no more than 5 minutes (max) – no exceptions.   As per Stacy – a-3 minute routine is ample to tell your story.  Unsure?  Check with your instructor.
  • Progress Check: We will have a progress check during the last weeks of August.  You must have a working routine with your selected choice music by no later than Sept 1, 2016.
  • RULE of THUMB:  Select your music first and then set your routine to the music.  For your routine, pick 3 moves and 2 climbs that you are thinking of doing and try to piece them together.  For more help, look for Workshops or contact Tammy to schedule private or semi-private lessons with one of our awesome instructors!
  • No late entries — if the student does NOT sign up via the form below by July 31st, then we will ask them to participate next time.
  • Rehearsal will be on Wednesday 9/28 at 8:30pm and Friday 9/30 at 7:30pm before Saturday 10/1

Student Showcase Performers  (in order of performance)


  1. Laura Cornwell
  2. Jackie Rogoff
  3. Susan Nery
  4. Brittany Horowitz & Katie Vinnedge
  5. Stephanie Wong & Eric Diehr
  6. Dominique White
  7. Piper Shueh & Janelle Peters
  8. Camille Yabut


  1. Lauren Chircus
  2. Juliet Gomez
  3. Tammy Shueh
  4. Cheng Li
  5. Ziggy Sheynin
  6. Danny Bulmash
  7. Margaret Carter, Jennifer Abrams, Anouck Iyer, Tammy Shueh, Stacy Young and Stephanie Ku.
Rehearsal Schedule
Wednesday – 9/28 8:30PM
Brittany & Katie
Camille Yabut
Cheng Li
Danny Bulmash
Laura Cornwell
Lauren Chircus

Jackie Rogoff
Tammy Shueh
Dominique White

Friday – 9/30 7:30PM
Eric Diehr & Stephanie Wong
Susan Nery
Juliet Gomez
Ziggy Sheynin
Margaret Carter, Jen Abrams, Stephanie Ku, Anouck Iyer & Tammy Shueh (Straps / Silks Act)
Zac Moratto
Lucy Sprattler