Quick Hits – 5 tips when kicking the bag


1.  When hitting the bag with front kicks,  don’t hit the bag with your toes!  Point your foot, bend your toes back, and hit with the ball of your foot.

2.  When hitting the bag with a roundhouse kick, pivot your supporting foot so your heel faces the bag by the time you make contact.  Hit with your shin, not your foot.

3.  Hit with your heel when striking the bag with a side kick.  This protects your ankle from undue pressure.

4.  Hit the bag with the outside of your heel when doing hook kicks.

5.  When executing a spinning back kick, heel kick, or back fist, look over your shoulder.  This will help turn your body into the strike and improve your accuracy.

6.  We said there were 5 tips.  Don’t be greedy.