PSA: Do not leave your wallet or laptops in your car!


FROM San Mateo County Alert & City of San Carlos:

In the recent week, there have been numerous auto burglaries throughout the various parking plazas where side windows are smashed and purses, laptops, briefcases and luggage has been taken. All though these recent incidents were between 5 & 8 pm, this type of theft is also happening during the daytime as well.

The common methods thieves have been using recently are to park in parking lots and watch people as they exit their vehicles. The victims themselves unknowingly assist the thieves by some of the following actions;

  • Women exit their vehicles and then re-enter the car to put their purse or handbag under the front seat or in the back seat and cover it with a coat.
  • Travelers on business trips will exit the car and place their briefcase/luggage in the back seat or trunk.
  • Laptops and other electronic devices are left in plain view on the front seat
  • Shoppers will carry packages and purchased items back to their vehicle and place them in the back seat or trunk and then return to shopping.
  • Business people at the end of the day “carpool” to dinner from work and upon parking their car, they leave their briefcases and laptops on the seat and cover them with their business coats.

Each of the above scenarios occurred this week. Times have changed and motorists need to be more aware of their surroundings and their own actions. There is a reason why one vehicle is targeted over another…..opportunity. Next time you reach to place your wallets under the front seat beware that this seemingly innocent action might be all the thief is looking for.

San Carlos as well as many other communities in our area is experiencing these types of thefts. What we are not experiencing is break-ins where “Nothing” is taken. Don’t leave anything of value in your vehicle. If you’re shopping and place packages inside your vehicle, drive off and find another place to park. When you return home, remove your valuables and lock your car. Report suspicious persons or behavior to your local Police or Sheriff.