Pricing Changes starts Thursday, 9/1/2016

Dear Members,

In 2016, we added 56 new heavy bags, new classes, more equipment, and more assistants! Expect more upgrades in the near future including new flooring and more equipment. The best is yet to come! To allow IMPACT! to continue growing, we will be raising our prices slightly starting September 1, 2016.    If you wish to purchase before pricing changes, any purchases will be added to your current membership.  See attached for the memo regarding the updated pricing sent on August 15th, 2016.

For those of on our month-to-month, you can switch to our awesome one-year contract membership at $69/month until 9/1/2016.   Members may cancel any time AFTER one year contract is completed.

Other Membership Package Options (Must purchase by 8/31/2016)

  • 4 Months Membership – $356.  Initiation Fee is waived – Purchase Now!
  • 6 Months Membership – $445.  Initiation Fee is waived + 1 Month free – Reply to this email!
  • 8 Months Membership – $623.  Initiation Fee is waived + 1 Month free – Purchase Now!
  • 12 Months Membership – $799  Initiation Fee is waived.  No refund. No Auto-pay.  Over 25% Savings! – Purchase Now!
If you do nothing, you will see the price change as your month cycle ends and renews. Pricing for Kids and Young Adults remains the same.   Questions?  Ask Tammy at