2017 Ascend Aerial Showcase – Information for Participants

The Ascend Aerial Student showcase is scheduled for Saturday 9/30.  Please mark your calendars!

Student Showcase Theme

Fairy Tales & Folklore  – The routine should take your audience and you to a fairy tale or folk lore.   We really want everyone to stretch themselves creatively by focusing on this broad theme to tell a story in your routine. If you have any questions about the theme with regard to your routine, please check in with your instructor!

We are nearing the mid-September timeline and that you will need to send in your MP3 FORMAT music to me by 8/15 and clicking here to upload.  Be sure to label your music with your name (Format – Name of Song – Student Name) so I know which music belongs to you.


**IMPORTANT**RULES / GUIDELINES for who want to participate:

All those interested in performing must either be enrolled & attend the aerial classes or private lessons at Ascend during the June – September 2017 time frame.  Those students taking drop-in classes only must be enrolled & attend a minimum of 10 classes prior to the showcase.   Anyone who wishes to do an aerial straps act will check in with Stacy and Ari regarding participation in the showcase.

  • Participants must be enrolled in Beg/Int at minimum — check in with your instructor if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to perform.
  • Routines must be no more than 5 minutes (max) – no exceptions.   As per Stacy – a-3 minute routine is ample to tell your story.  Unsure?  Check with your instructor.
  • Progress Check: We will have a progress check during mid-August.  You must have a working routine with your selected choice music by no later than Sept 1, 2016.
  • RULE of THUMB:  Select your music first and then set your routine to the music.  For your routine, pick 3 moves and 2 climbs that you are thinking of doing and try to piece them together.  For more help, look for Workshops or contact Tammy to schedule private or semi-private lessons with one of our awesome instructors!
  • No late entries — if the student does NOT sign up via the form below by July 31st, then we will ask them to participate next time.
  • Rehearsal will be on Wednesday 9/27 at 8:30pm and Friday 9/29 at 7:30pm before Saturday 9/30.