Ascend Aerial Arts – Class Descriptions

Logo-AIncrease your upper body and core strength!  Check out Ascend Aerial Arts’ Aerial Silks & Straps classes!  10% off for IMPACT! members! Kids 14 and older are welcome.

Aerial silks, also known as aerial tissue or aerial fabrics, is one of the most challenging, and versatile aerial art forms, combining elements of dance with acrobatic conditioning.  Ascend Aerial Arts provides instruction that encompasses strength and flexibility training, skill acquisition, and technique.  You don’t need any experience to be able to give aerial silks a try.**

img_9323-1002x668Straps, also known as aerial straps, are a type of aerial apparatus on which various feats of strength and flexibility may be performed, often in the context of a circus performance. It is a cotton or nylon web apparatus that looks like two suspended ribbons. By wrapping the strap ends around hands and wrists, the performer performs holds, twists, rolls and maneuvers, requiring extreme strength and precision similar men’s rings in gymnastics.

HOW THIS WORKS: Aerial Silks Classes at Ascend are offered as a series of classes that last 2-3 months.  Drop-ins are available for specific classes including Aerial Straps.  Space is limited.  Want to try it out first? Be on the lookout for our 1-Day Intro to Silks Class as they are scheduled periodically.  Email if you want to join a class already in session.


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Class descriptions

Drop-In Classes No makeups are allowed for drop-ins.  Select specific class dates is available for purchase for this class ONLY.  Drop-in Pricing are on a sliding scale as shown below. Email to schedule demo and observation as appropriate.  Click here to view our Ascend Skill Levels.

Aerial Intro 1-Day Class – This One-Day 90 minute class is for those curious about aerial silks or interested in developing strong core and upper body with conditioning exercises on and off the silks. No experience necessary. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!

Aerial Straps (Open Level) – This is a mixed-level class for developing aerial strength and body control. Our class focuses on technique and strength building by combining conditioning exercises and aerial straps skills.  Skills are taught in progression. NO previous aerial experience necessary.

Aerial Silks – Intermediate/Advanced – This class is for the intermediate student who has mastered basic skills, shows progress in endurance and strength, and can easily chain together poses and transitions fluidly. Students will work on more advanced drops and climbs and will begin working towards a long series of choreography (up to a 4 minute routine). Focus will be given to conditioning and endurance as well as musicality in movement quality. Prerequisite: Intermediate and instructor approval.

Aerial Technique & Art Lab – In this class, we will introduce and break down the technique involved in a variety of aerial silk climbs, wraps, drops, and poses, and learn conditioning drills to build the strength and control necessary to perform these moves easily and efficiently. We will then explore the freedom of movement available in the skills we have mastered, experimenting with speed, shape, weight, focus, character, musicality, variations, and sequencing, to help bring out the inner artist in you. PREREQUISITES: Aerial art and technique lab is appropriate for those who have taken Intermediate 1 or 2, and/or those who have a clean hip key, a working vocabulary of aerial skills, and are comfortable inverting in the air.   Students who are new to Ascend Aerial Arts or who have not taken Aerial Silks Intermediate MUST come observe one class, and demonstrate with an instructor to obtain permission before enrolling.

Aerial Silks: Study Hall – Come one, come all, to Aerial Study Hall!  This 1.5 hour supervised work time is your space to train with more independence, self-direction and to work on whatever you want (that you already know, and can do safely). Your study hall teacher will be there to support you in warm up and cool down, and will step in to protect your safety if necessary, but will otherwise leave you alone to do your (safe!) thing. You may arrive at any time during the study hall, and will have a required warm up posted for you.   The last 15 minutes of the study hall will be group cool-down and stretch.   PREREQUISITE: All levels welcome (must be current Ascend Aerial Student).  IMPORTANT: 6 pp minimum to sign up by one hour before class on the day of the class or the class will be cancelled.

Aerial Review: Sticking Silks in Brains and Bodies – Frustrated that you only have class once a week? Want extra time to review what you’ve learned?  Come to Aerial Review to practice skills taught in your other classes. There will be a mandatory group warm-up and cool-down, and an instructor will be on-hand in case you have questions or concerns during class.  Note: bring your own material to work on, as the instructor will not be teaching new tricks or techniques.  PREREQUISITE: This drop-in class is for all levels and only for those students currently enrolled Ascend Aerial Classes.  We require a minimum of 3 students to sign up by 9AM day of the class – to hold this class. 

Session Classes – Classes listed below are offered as a series of classes or session that last 2-3 months.  Space is limited.   Once class begins there are no refunds.   Makeup policy: You MUST notify Tammy by completing the form for EACH date you’re going to miss BEFORE the class starts in order to be eligible for a makeup in an equivalent class during the same session.  Makeups are only for classes that are not available for drop-in and are NOT a guarantee but we try to accommodate makeups if there’s space during the current class session.  Email if you want to join a class already in session.

Aerial Silks – Beginner – Beginner class for those curious about aerial silks or interested in developing strong core and upper body with conditioning exercises on and off the silks. Learn basic silks conditioning, climb and descend safely, and eventually expand to further techniques, proper form, conditioning. Students will learn poses and build confidence on the silks.  Prerequisites: No experience necessary.

Aerial Silks – Beginner/ Intermediate  – Each week we will concentrate on a specific class of poses and/or skills, focusing on basic troubleshooting, form and technique, variations and transitions, and adding your own personal flair.  This class is for students that already have basic skills in aerial silks and have taken at minimum, 1 session of Aerial Silks Classes. Prerequisite: Beginner and Instructor Approval (by evaluation)

Aerial Silks – Intermediate – This class focuses on more advanced climbs and aerial skills in the air. Students will work on perfecting basic drops, hip keys, inversions, and S-Wraps. Students at this level should be able to climb and descend with ease, and focus will be given to intermediate conditioning for fluidity in movement.  Prerequisite: Beginner/Intermediate and with instructor approval.

**IMPORTANT. Participants must be in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in aerial silk activities. Anyone with the following physical limitations should consult their doctor before participating in aerial silk specialty classes: Pregnancy, glaucoma, recent surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hands or wrist), heart disease, very high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, osteoporosis / bone weakness, recent head injury, cerebral sclerosis, propensity for fainting, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe arthritis, sinusitis or head cold, hiatal hernia, disc herniation or acute, discogenic disease, recent stroke, artificial hips, radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine), severe muscle spasms, botox injections (within 6 hours).