Aerial FAQs & Etiquette


Make a point to be on time! A full warm-up is necessary for injury prevention and improves your ability to perform the all of the exercises in the class. IMPORTANT: If a student is late beyond the 15 minute warm-up, the instructor may ask the late arriving student to observe only. The instructor can also ask the student not to participate that day as there may not be enough time for the student to warm up and actually watch the instruction to learn and do what’s being asked of them during class.

  • Bring a notebook and/or flashcards, you will be taking notes
  • Check in with either the front desk or the instructor before you start class. If you missed a class and Tammy has added your name for a makeup – be sure to check in with instructor as well. IF your name is not on the roster for the class, you may not attend class.
  • Makeup policy: Makeups are only for classes that are not available for drop-in and are not a guarantee but we try to accommodate makeups if there’s space during the current class session. **IMPORTANT**: As you may be aware, most of our classes are full, so we appreciate it if you can email Tammy AHEAD OF TIME if you KNOW that you plan to miss class. If you do not show up for class and do not notify us – you will not be eligible to makeup.

Respect the Instructor

  • No Student Coaching please. Students are not allowed under any circumstances to teach other students or anyone else, any movement, pose, sequence, or skill. This is also known as skill-trading or skill-sharing, and is strictly prohibited. If there’s a move you would like to review, please let the instructor know before class starts.. thanks!
  • Listen & Respect your Instructor. Do not talk with your classmates or climb onto the silks when the instructor is giving instructions. Aerial Silks and Straps are fun but can be dangerous. Any activity that involves rotation and height can result in serious injury, paralysis and even death. Listen to the instructor and “Know your limits and play within them”.
  • If you are unsure, even after instructions are given, let the instructor know before you go on the silks.
  • Check with the instructor before doing any moves that is not part of the instructor’s plans
  • Inform your instructor, prior to the start of class, of any physical aliments or injuries (past and present).
  • If you take video of instructor demonstrating, please do NOT post or share.

Respect Each Other

  • Share the Silks! This is a group class and everyone should have equal time on the silks. Take your turn on the silks but be sure to come down after you’ve done the move etc.,
  • Observe good personal hygiene in consideration of general cleanliness of the fabrics and all participants and wear deodorant in consideration for the next person using silks or straps. BRING A TOWEL and wipe off any excess perspiration before your next turn.


We will be hanging upside down, so not all clothes are appropriate:

  • wear tops that are secure, and that can be tucked in
  • be aware of holes or sheer fabrics near the crotch of pants (this happens more often than you think, so check out your pants/shorts)
  • wear pants with a secure waist – loose waistbands may get pulled off by the fabrics —
  • check your pants for zippers as those are NOT appropriate!
  • some people wear loose shorts over tights (or over compression shorts for men) as a compromise between coverage and modesty, ¾ length exercise pants are suitable
  • Avoid baggy clothing
  • Remove all jewelry. Anything that cannot be removed must be covered with band-aids.
  • Trim your finger and toenails and avoid eating or drinking acidic liquids an hour prior to class.

Nothing with sharp edges that will damage the fabrics (e.g., zippers, Velcro, watches)

Be mindful of safety

  • Spot each other – watching and helping others will improve your skills
  • Know what you are going to do before you get on the fabrics – ask questions from the ground, not from the air
  • Appropriate safety procedures, including use of crash pads and spotting are followed and instructors will intervene if students attempt particular moves that require it.

IMPORTANT: Safety is our #1 priority. Your instructors do their best to ensure your safety by giving you rules and guidelines. Students MUST follow the safety rules. A student who cannot will be asked to take a break from attending class until they are able to follow the rules.

Directions & Parking.

We are located directly off the Brittan Avenue EXIT (US 101 South) – FIRST DRIVEWAY off the ramp. If you pass IMPACT, you can park by the Keane Kitchens which is the 3rd driveway off Brittan Avenue. We ask that you NOT park at Pong Planet.

Bring a positive and supportive attitude.  It’s just more fun that way!

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