Group-X Class Descriptions

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Boxer Mark Posadas takes you through a rigorous but fun boxing and conditioning class that includes mitt work, conditioning, bag work, and authentic boxing drills. Always fun and always a workout!


An exciting and dynamic martial art workout. It will take you from boxing to kickboxing to Tae Kwon Do to MMA drills on the heavy bag, body shields, kicking targets and life-sized dummies! You wont find this mix of martial arts in a workout class anywhere else! Includes plenty of strength, cardio and core work to keep your body guessing.

KickBoxFit 90

What’s better than 60 minutes of KickBoxFit? 90 minutes! Head Instructor Erik Wahlberg leads this class that will always leave you smiling and drenched with sweat!


Kicks Only! Black Belt and Head Instructor Erik Wahlberg leads this exciting class filled with dynamic and powerful kicking drills. The workout utilizes the heavy bags, body shields, kicking shields, and more. Each class includes some upper-body and core conditioning. Your legs will get a workout and your kicking skills will increase quickly!


Accomplished fighter Kenny Woo (Wednesdays) leads an authentic kickboxing class focused on fighting technique and drills used by the pros! Recommended for intermediate to advanced level students.  It’s tough, but fun!

Bootcamp Boxing with TRX

A bootcamp class that will test you every time. From agility and speed drills to TRX and more, this class is a great compliment to your training at IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness!