Impact 2015!

EXPlosion 2014!

IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness – Open House & Charity Event 2013
A music video of our exciting and successful event September 21st. Thanks to all who participated.  Dedicated to Jill David.

IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness – Weekend Warriors.
Action from Saturday’s class. Another awesome effort by our IMPACT! ninjas!

IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness 2013 Re-Mix

Kickboxer Girl – Ninja Madness Night at IMPACT! Non-stop crazy combinations and conditioning drills combined with some original ninjas = a workout of kung-fu proportions!

Ninja Bootcamp – Some of you were wondering what Ninja Boot Camp is all about. Here are some highlights from our Saturday class!

IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness – Paralyzer – Some action from Wednesday’s Kickboxing Fitness class. It was also IMPACT! t-shirt day. 🙂

Look like fun? Check us out at 836 Brittan Avenue in San Carlos, California. We are located just off the freeway!

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