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“Great class! Bought a Groupon and it was definitely a good buy. My boyfriend and I went to the class last night and Erik is so awesome. He really kept the really packed class moving the entire time and challenged everyone to keep pushing themselves. Since the class was so full, Erik had a couple of other guys helping him out by managing each group of students and I thought that was a good way to allow Erik to continue to flow through the combinations. We’ll definitely be back – it’s a great way to add a challenge to your standard workout.” – Bernadette P.

“This is THE Kick-ass workout to get you in shape.  Erik, the instructor is very knowledgeable, with years of training in martial arts, super friendly, encouraging, and motivating.  He’ll help you learn the right ways of kicking and punching so you don’t injure yourself.  And just when you think you’ve learned it all, he’ll add new moves to keep you on your toes. I’ve been taking his kick boxing class for about 3 years and EVERY class is still a pleasant challenge/kicks my ass….where you come out feeling like you achieved something….(the fact that you didn’t pass out in class ;)” – Sue A.

“I love IMPACT! Kickboxing! I bought a Groupon deal and it was the best thing I could have done. Erik really works you into shape.” Megan C.

“I have been working out regularly for 12 years and have done everything from long distance running to zumba to spinning to weight training with the guys. NOTHING has toned my body like IMPACT! though – and that’s saying a lot given how much I love working out!” Dinah-Maria M.

“The first class made me sweat more than i think i have ever sweat in a class. It is a great workout and before you know it, the ninety minutes are over and you’re left wanting more. Erik is a truly motivated, friendly, enthusiastic and an awesome teacher. The rest of the people (regulars) in the class are also really friendly too.  Cant say enough great things about Impact…” – Jennifer T.

“Best DAMN kickboxing class I’ve taken in years.” – Love to Dive L.

“Erik, the ninja master, is a very experienced martial artist and he knows how to motivate his students. His drills and instructions are challenging, yet very effective. He’s easy-going and friendly too. He remembers everybody’s name, I’m impressed.” – Alvin B.

“Going to a 90 minute kickboxing class when you are not the least bit athletically inclined can be intimidating… but I’m glad I went.  The workout really pushes you, but you can also take things at your own pace and ease yourself into things.  The people in the class are really great and Erik really motivates you to keep going. It is definitely a high energy workout and the 90 minutes goes by faster than you think!” – Alicia G.

“This class deserves a 10!!!! too bad there’s no higher rating. Talk about getting your money’s worth and more. I’ve been to other kickboxing gyms and classes and this is by far THE BEST class I’ve ever been to. The class is fun, has variety, never a dull moment for sure.” – Sylvia I.

“I would give this class 6 stars if I could. This class is above and beyond my expectations. What’s so great about it? Well, it’s super fun, the instructor (Erik) is AWESOME and trained in the martial arts (he’ll help you learn the right way to kick & punch), the people in class are friendly and supportive, the music is upbeat (I sing along to it sometimes), the exercise is intense, the bags and dummies are provided to punch/kick and let out your aggression, and it gets you into fabulous shape.” – Candice T.

“I always know I’m gonna have an excellent workout and I’m gonna have fun doing it. Gives me a good all over sore feeling for days. Erik always comes up with new moves and class never gets boring – love the variety of things we do in one class. Pairing up, the bags, the dummies, different drills, ab workouts… I’ve been taking his kickboxing classes for 9 or 10 years now, he’s such a great instructor.” – Jill G.

“My experience was awesome! He perfectly blended some good old fashioned cathartic punching/kicking moves with a fantastic core workout. I am happy to report that this is one Groupon experience for which I will continue to pay full price for once the promotional value runs out. A great atmosphere!” – Keri D.

“I’m not the most bold person.  Kickboxing initially made me nervous but wanted to try.  I will say this, not only is the instructor totally skilled but is also totally sweet.  So are the folks that take the class and together they provide a really comfortable environment to sweat and get in shape.  I love the class.  You get out the stress, you feel healthier, and your ass size is contained.  :)” – Marian L.

“I LOVE IMPACT! It is an amazing workout, and Eric is a fantastic instructor. He shows you how to properly do the moves, and demonstrates what the moves look like in an actual fight. I’ve been working out with Eric for years, and I always leave feeling great. He will totally kick your butt, in a good way of course.” – Ally S.

“Erik mixes together different aspects of a variety of different martial arts styles.  The typical class format, from what I’ve seen, involves warm up, shadow boxing, mitt work, heavy bag work, core training, ground and pound drills, and other miscellaneous exercises to keep things interesting.  Like I said, I can already feel my “gas tank” improving after just a few weeks, and I intend on returning.  He’s also a very likable guy, and creates a fun atmosphere where most everyone wants to try hard and get a good workout in.” – Alan C.

“One of the best workouts out there.  Erik is more than just a gym instructor, he is a trained mixed martial arts expert.  The class helps develop your martial arts skills while kicking your butt into shape!” – Bret O.

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