Head Instructor & Owner


Erik Wahlberg is a longtime martial artist and group fitness instructor.  He is the head instructor and owner of IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness.  He strives to give you — the student — all his attention, energy, and expert training.

Erik holds a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and has trained in nearly a dozen arts (both in American and Eastern styles) over the last 28 years.  He has been a solid fixture in the fitness industry for 14 years, teaching at fitness gyms all over the Bay Area concentrating in the Peninsula.


Mark Posodas brings his true passions for boxing and fitness to IMPACT! An active and ranked amateur boxer, Mark delivers his KO punch in the form of grueling but fun boxing drills and even more challenging conditioning work.

Kenny Woo.  Years of training as a competitive fighter have instilled a work ethic and tenacity that has bled into all areas of Kenny’s life.  A life built around an all-or-nothing mentality where commitment, dedication, and hard work aren’t catchy slogans, but a way of life.  It’s this way of thinking that has allowed Kenny to achieve goals and take chances on big dreams.  His commitment to helping people achieve their own goals, develop their skill sets, and remind themselves that life is too short to put dreams on hold for “someday”, makes Kenny the perfect fit for Impact Kickboxing Fitness.

Elis Lopez is an IMPACT!  Kickboxing Fitness success story.  Mentored by Erik Wahlberg,  Elis has grown from top student to top instructor and represents the values we hold dear at our studio.  He is friendly, motivating, passionate,  caring, and knowledgeable.   Elis is ASFA Group X and CPR certified and continues to hone his already impressive kickboxing skills.   Elis does this because he loves our studio and members, and we couldn’t ask for a better reason.

Janette ShubaJanette began her passion for martial arts in 2006 when she took her first kickboxing class at the age of 26. She has trained for many years under famous instructors such as Larry Lam, Richard Branden, and Tim Dilbeck. Has a certificate in TRX, a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and personal training experience. Janette strives to teach new and exciting, high-energy, fun classes.