Amber – February 2015

AmberI have been to other kickboxing classes in the area but the reason I like coming to IMPACT! best is because it most closely resembles a martial arts class. Other classes have been a more ‘aerobic’ (i.e., kickboxing classes at gyms) or ‘boxing’ style (more punching than kicking) but Erik and the other instructors incorporate a lot of additional moves and self-defense techniques which give a well-rounded workout as well as help build confidence. Additionally, each class is always different so it helps keep things interesting and Erik and the rest of the staff give a personal feel to classes by encouraging people by name, taking extra time with new students to ensure good technique, and providing a fun environment to work out.

I workout because of how it makes me feel – strong, confident and happy – and because when you have a good workout regimen, you are more likely to continue with other healthy choices. When I found out I was pregnant, I got clearance from my doctor to continue kickboxing (with modifications as needed 😉 and now at 7 months, I feel confident that continuing with kickboxing and other classes has helped me have a much easier pregnancy by helping keep me hydrated, encouraging better eating habits, allowing me to sleep well at night, and minimizing a lot of the swelling/aches and pains that I might have otherwise experienced. Plus, after a class at IMPACT! I can often feel my daughter kicking herself and imagine her already learning perfect form!

Samanda – December 2013

SamandaWhen I started taking classes at Impact Kickboxing, I was overweight and out of shape. I knew that I liked the idea of punching something on a regular basis so I was compelled to give it a try. After my first class, I knew this was going to be an important part of my quest to get healthy.

The first few classes gave me a pretty clear idea of where my physical fitness level was – and it could only get better from where I started from. Within the first 5 workouts at Impact, I could feel my endurance and skill level improving. By the time my first month was finished, I could feel the results in the way my clothes fit and my body felt. A side benefit was that my mood was improved as well as it turns out hitting a bag on a regular basis is very therapeutic!

Classes at Impact Kickboxing are fun and something I look forward to – an essential key for me to maintain motivation for an exercise regime. The gym environment is completely welcoming – from the instructors to the members, everyone is encouraging and egos are checked at the door. The supportive environment helped me to keep coming back.

One year later, I have lost over 45 pounds, several dress sizes and my fitness level rivals that of my teenage years. I continue to look forward to every workout I have the opportunity to take advantage of at Impact!

*Testimonials are submitted by our customers and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results that has been produced here at IMPACT! KBF, and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get.

I would encourage anyone who may hesitate to try it out because you are intimidated or feel too out of shape to come in and try it out at your own pace. Within a month’s time you will see a marked improvement and the benefits of a fun, engaging and effective workout!



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