Pricing Changes are coming..

In 2016, we have added new classes and more equipment!  We have added more morning classes, more instructors, adding new class types, and even upgrading the facility.  To allow IMPACT!  to continue growing, we will be raising our prices slightly starting  October 1, 2017.

What happens if I am on the 1-year monthly contract?

Nothing.  If you are currently in your 1-year monthly contract, your membership remains at the current rate until the contract expires at the end of the year.  At that time, your new contract will reflect the new pricing.  If you wish to purchase before pricing changes, any purchases will be added to your current membership.

I am on the month-to-month membership option.  When does the price change for this membership?

Your month-to-month membership pricing changes after 10/1/2017.  So if your month-to-month auto-deducts on October 2nd, the new pricing will reflect on that day.   If you wish to purchase before another membership option before pricing changes, please let us know before your month-to-month membership renews.

Membership Sale NOW

Take advantage of our exclusive deals for our members and note that the sale ends on 9/30.  CLICK HERE

Questions?  Ask Tammy at

Erik, Tammy, and the Staff at IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness

Pricing 2017


12-Month Membership Sale – ENDS September 30th, 2017


  • Initiation Fee of $49 is waived
  • 10% discount on merchandise
  • Access to Women’s Self Defense (women only)
  • Access to all IMPACT! group exercise classes

Purchase Now!

Membership must be paid in full.  Membership is consecutive 12 months and is non refundable and non-transferable.  Must be activated within one year from date of purchase.

Women’s Self Defense – Starts Thursday 9/7!

Women’s Self Defense – Taught in a fun and friendly atmosphere, students will learn a mixture of strikes, escapes and grappling maneuvers useful in self defense scenarios.  There is contact involved, but all strikes, chokes and other rough movements are initiated against the instructor and NOT the student.

  • wear tops that are secure, and that can be tucked in (no halter tops)
  • wear pants with a secure waist – loose waistbands are not appropriate


Space is limited to 10 people per class and is available regular members of Impact KBF at no charge. Non-members and Trial Members may purchase 10-class package.  Women Only.

Thursdays at 7:30pm – 9pm.  Reserve your spot now!

Ascend Aerial Silks & Straps Classes – Sign up today!

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Ascend Aerial Arts Classes Available for Enrollment Now!

***BEFORE YOU SIGN UP***, please check with your instructor if you are thinking of enrolling for the next level aerial silks class. You may not be ready and your instructor will be the best person to assist you. Students who have been away for more than 6 weeks should contact your instructor to see what level class you should be enrolled. View our class skill levels.


Thanks Ninjas for your support!

THANKS again!
“Ninjas Against Breast Cancer” 


Erik, Tammy, Colleen and everyone at Impact! Kickboxing Fitness want to thank you for coming to our event!  We will be sending a check to Avon 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer for $900!  Those of you that couldn’t make it but still wish to donate, you can go to Colleen’s Avon 39 fundraiser page by clicking here

THANK YOU to our instructors who donated their time and/or their services!

We want to take this time to thank Erik, Tiffany, Mark, Janelle, Connie & Camille for a great day filled with kickboxing, and aerial silks! SPECIAL thanks to Monica Tse for taking time out today to help with the raffle drawing, food, and all the little things that no one thinks about but would be sorely missed if it wasn’t there.

A very BIG thank YOU to the following folks who donated to our wonderful raffle

  • Practical Magic Botanicals
  • Max Muscle San Carlos
  • Well Rounded Wellness
  • Trader Joes
  • Bebop Leather
  • Monroy’s Original Hot Sauce
  • Colleen Chan
  • Rose Rivers
  • Jennifer deSouza
  • Priscilla Lim Unger
  • Connie Ng
  • Camille Yabut
  • Ariel Tal & Stacy Young

Raffle Winners!  Congratulations to those who won our raffle prizes below.  Contact Tammy to receive your prizes by emailing

  • 6 Month Kickboxing Membership at Impact! KBF  – Dinah Campos
  • Go-Pro – Hero 5 Black Camera – Eric Diehr
  • Practical Magic Botanicals Gift Basket – Christina Hall
  • Private Aerial Silks or Aerial Straps Group Class with Stacy & Ariel – Eric Diehr
  • 1-HR Private Aerial Silks (up to 3 people) with Camille – Laura Cornwell
  • Fitbit Alta ($129.95 value) – Gazina Ali
  • 80 minute massage session from Well Rounded Wellness – Tanya Yabut
  • 1-Year Aerial Membership – Justine Fan
  • Bebop Leather Jewelry Set  – HW Shueh
  • 1-HR Private Aerial Silks, Rope or Body Conditioning Session with Connie – Manjiri Patil
  • Beauty Basket – Mary Stofega
  • Workout Basket – Janette Shuba
  • Morning Glory Gift Basket – Janette Shuba
  • Hot Sauce & Taco Dinner Set – Janette Shuba